Onboard electronics

SKI control and indication system

Block BKI (control and indication unit) is installed in the cab of the vehicle. Control units BKG (hydraulics), BKD (engine), BKU (universal), BKS (speedometer) are installed on the vehicle frame. The signals from the parameters control sensors are fed to the blocks BKI, BKG, BKD, BKU, BKS. In BKG, BKD, BKU, BKS blocks, these signals are analyzed and their state is transmitted to the BKI block via the SAEJ1939 interface. The BKI performs continuous diagnostics of the vehicle parameters, displaying these parameters on the screen and storing the fault block in the memory. In the BKI, with the help of signal banners, important signals and emergency operating conditions are displayed, regardless of the serviceability of the BKI, BKG, BKD, BKS, BKU blocks.


  • The control and indication system (CIS) is designed to collect, process, control and display the parameters of mining dump trucks and other equipment manufactured by JSC "BELAZ".

The main functions of the SCI:

  • obtaining information from sensors and systems of a mining truck;
  • displaying the state of parameters of a mining truck on the screen and with the help of signal banners;
  • display on the screen of images from four video cameras installed on board a mining truck;
  • logging the history of events and storing it in non-volatile memory;
  • control of output signals.

Note - operating and limiting temperatures of SKI blocks:

  • operating temperature for BKI: minus 40 ... + 60 ° С;
  • operating temperature for BKG, BKD, BKS and BKU: minus 50 ... + 60 ° С;
  • temperature limit for BKI: minus 60 +85°C;
  • limiting temperature for BKG, BKD, BKS and BKU: minus 60 ... + 70 ° С.

Main characteristics:

supply voltage
24 V
Operating range
supply voltage
18-36 V
Limit range
supply voltage
Number of discrete,
analog, pulse inputs and discrete outputs
varies depending on the version of the SKI
Number of light
signaling devices
Number of buttons16
data transmission
SAE J1939
SAE J1708/J1587 (for SKI-02, SKI-12 versions)
Climatic performance
BKI block according to GOST 15150
O2.1 (see note)
Climatic design of blocks
BKG, BKD, BKS and BKU according to GOST 15150
O1 (see note)
Degree of protection of BKI according to GOST 14254IP52 (before installing Ip30)
Degree of protection BKG, BKD, BKS,
BKU according to GOST 14254
Electromagnetic compatibilityEN 13309:2010 and ISO 13766:2006
Functional safetyGOST EN 474-1-2013 and GOST EN 474-6-2013
Screen Specifications11 inches diagonally, resolution 1280x800,
maximum brightness 700 cd/m2
MTBF12000 hours
Life time10 years

Onboard monitoring and control system BSCU-01

The on-board monitoring and control system BSCU-01 is designed to monitor and control the technological modes of operation of units and assemblies of a grain harvester and alert about emergency events.


  • electronic instrument panel PPE-10 - designed to display the state of the on-board systems of the combine, control the operating modes of the BSCU-01 and the threshing apparatus, as well as to issue sound warning and voice messages;
  • input/output unit BVV - designed to receive and convert signals from sensors and signaling devices onboard systems, as well as issue control signals to control the threshing machine;
  • two-channel piezoelectric amplifier UPD-2 is designed to amplify grain loss signals from piezoelectric sensors;
  • the connecting harness is designed to connect the BSCU-01 to the onboard systems of the combine harvester.

PPE-10 is installed in the cab of the combine. BVV and connecting harness are located in the distribution cabinet. UPD-2 is installed near the grain loss piezo sensors.


  • obtaining information from sensors and systems of the combine harvester;
  • providing information to the operator about the state of the parameters of the combine on
  • PPE-10 screen and with the help of sound and speech signals;
  • settings of the threshing apparatus for the cultivated crop;
  • control of grain losses during threshing;
  • logging the history of events and storing it in non-volatile memory.

Main characteristics:

Supply voltage18-32B
Power consumptionno more than 25 W
PPE-10 screen size diagonally10.1 inches
Screen resolution PPE-101280x800
Viewing angles PPE-10:
from minus 85 to plus 85
from minus 85 to plus 85
Maximum screen brightnessnot less than 700 cd/m2
Number of digital inputs24
Number of analog inputs7
Number of pulse inputs9
Number of control channels for working bodies10
Number of channels for connecting grain loss sensors2
Motor connection interface
electronically controlled
J1939 protocol
Number of video inputs (optional) 4 PAL4 PAL
Operating conditions:
-working temperature
- storage temperature
from minus 30 to plus 60
from minus 40 to plus 85
Degree of protection BVV and UPD-2 in accordance with GOST 14254IP65
Degree of protection PPE-10 according to GOST 14254IP54
MTBFat least 10,000 hours
Average service lifeat least 10 years

Navigation and surveillance system SNO-01


  • determining the position of the vehicle by the signals of satellite navigation systems;
  • storage and display on the screen of a map of the area with reference to it of the position and direction of movement of the vehicle;
  • on-screen display of one of the four video cameras (the image of the rear camera can be displayed with customizable parking lines);
  • storage and display of the route of the vehicle. Displaying the route for any selected day in dynamics with the display of the direction of movement and the speed of the vehicle.


  • multifunction indicator IMF-68 01;
  • antenna module MA-01;
  • up to four VK-01 video cameras with connection cables (the number of cameras depends on the customer's requirements).

Main characteristics:

supply voltage
24 V
Operating range
supply voltage
18-36 V
Limit range
supply voltage
Power consumption40 W at temperatures above 0C,
100 W at temperatures below 0C
Calculator characteristicsProcessor i.MX6, four cores, 1GHz
1GB NAND Flash
16MB SPI Flash
Real time clock
Screen Specifications10.4 inches diagonal
Resolution 1024x768
Maximum brightness 500 cd/m2
Reception of satellite signals
navigation systems
Map storage and displayRoadmap of the Republic of Belarus (at the request of the customer
topographic or road map can be set
any state or region of the world)
Number of camerasMaximum 4
Viewing angle of video cameras
120-150 (according to customer's request)
Number of buttons10
Vitality and durability
to external influences
GOST B 20.39.304-76 group 1.7
Degree of protection of composite
parts outside the cab
IP67 according to GOST 14254-96
Electromagnetic compatibilityISO 7637-2:2004
Life time10 years

Onboard information and control system CIUS

The onboard information and control system (CICS) is designed to collect, analyze and output information from discrete, analog and frequency sensors to the monitor, as well as to generate control signals for actuators and mechanisms.


  • information processing unit (PUI)
  • interface and control unit (BSU)
  • two video modules (VM) on color liquid crystal panels
  • rear/side view camera (up to 4 cameras)
  • acoustic system
  • GPS antenna


number of connected sensors65 pcs. (discrete - 47,
analog - 16, frequency - 2)
number of connected camerasup to 4 pcs. (lateral, front
or rear view)
interfacing with the car's board via the interfaceCAN SAE J1939:
formation and display on the VMmaps of the area and the position of the car on it
aliasingTV + graphics on any of the two VMs
connectivityultrasonic parking sensors
displaying information about vehicle component failuresin automatic mode
and issue a voice message
VM screen size(211 x 157) mm
VM maximum brightnessnot less than 1000 cd/m2
VM viewing anglehorizontal/vertical ±80°
overall brightness adjustmentmanual and automatic
adjustmentvoice message volume
supply voltage+27 V
power consumption without heating52 W
power consumption with heating on245 W
working temperature40°С… + 50°С
humidity98 % at 35 C
mechanical resistancegroup 1.7, version "O" according to GOST V 20.39.304-76

SVO-1 system

The system comes with:

  • Multifunction indicator IMF-68M
  • Video camera system 4 pcs
  • Parktronic system 3 pcs
  • Information output block

CBO characteristics:

supply voltage
24 V
Operating range
supply voltage
Power consumption (with thermostabilization symme-30 / 120 W
Working temperaturefrom -50°С to +65°С
Resistance to external influencesgroup 1.7 GOST B 20.39.304
Number of buttons10
InterfacesCAN2.0B. R5232. USB 2.0

Screen Specifications:

Diagonal10.4 inches
Dot resolution1024x768
Number of colors16.7 million (RGB 8/8/8bit)
Contrastat least 900:1
Brightnessnot less than 1000 cd/m²
Viewing angles180º
Resource LED backlight watch100000

Video display mode:

Video inputs4 things
Input Video Format (Auto Detect)PAL/SECAM/NT5C
Video display modes4 at the same time, 1 of 4
Viewing angle of video cameras (D), (V), (D)102°x76°x132° (if requested by the customer)
Combined modeSuperimposing graphic information on the television image
parking linesCustomizable display of parking lines with distance labels
parking sensorsDisplay of information generated by the processor module
Graphics modelogbook
Processor moduleProcessor I.MX6, 4 cores, 1 GHz, DDR RAM 1 GB, NAND Flash 1 GB
Formation and display on the screen of a map of the area with reference to the locationGLONASS/GPS
Video playbackPlaying video files from an external storage device connected via USB
Saving video to non-volatile memoryEncoding H 264, microSD 16 GB

Parktronic system:

Number of connected parking sensorsUntil 3
Number of sensors in each system4
Data interfaceCAN2.0B