Multifunctional indicator MFI-68

Created for:

  • Integrated processing of information from aircraft systems and onboard vehicles, organization of computational processes and display of processing results in graphical form in accordance with flight modes
  • Video information processing
  • Formation and issuance of code messages to interacting systems
  • Formation of a copy of the screen and the issuance of information to the flight recorder;

The main characteristics of the MFI-68 indicator:

supply voltage
27V from two independent
power systems
processor four cores, 1GHz
16MB SPI Flash
Real time clock
Screen Specifications10.4 inches diagonal
Resolution 1024x768
Maximum brightness not less than 1000 cd/m2
Horizontal and vertical viewing angles not less than ±70
exchange of information
24 input ARINC 429
8 ARINC 429 weekends
19 input discrete commands
5 output discrete commands
Two input ARINC 708 (options 1)
Two input MIL-STD-1553 (options 2
with button control)
One DVI input
One DVI output
One input RGB1024x768 / PAL
Ethernet, RS-232, USB
Operating system
and supported packages
Linux, OpenGL-ES2, QT, Scade,
Format Pro 2
Working temperaturefrom -40°С to +60°С
Humidity98% at 35°C
Hit15G (15ms)

Multifunctional indicator MFI-66

The aviation indicator MFI-66 is a multifunctional device using an active matrix liquid crystal panel. Designed to display various information on a screen with a size of 157 x 157 mm: from television sensors, about the state of aircraft systems, as well as flight and radar information. The indicator has high brightness and contrast, which allows you to read the image in high ambient light, and also provides high resolution when displaying television signals.

Functionally, the indicator consists of the following elements:

  • GPU
  • TV image processor
  • I/O device
  • Power supply
  • Liquid crystal module with control and monitoring circuits
  • Control panel (25 buttons located around the perimeter of the LCD module)
LCD Decomposition768 x 768 pixels
Screen working area dimensions157 x 157 mm
Horizontal/Vertical Viewing Angle±85°
Brightness not less than1200cd/m2
Redundant communication channelaccording to MIL-1553B
One line per transmissionaccording to ARINC-429
Video inputRGB, SSI, KSI
Video output to the recorder differentialYC PAL
Adjusting the brightness and contrast of the TV pictureseparate
Ambient operating temperature-40°С…+60°С
Power is supplied from the network115 V (400 Hz)
Power consumption55 VA; with heater on 160 VA
Dimensionsa x b x h = 296 x 225 x 230 mm
Weightno more than 9 kg